Advantages Of Using A Commercial Charbroiler In Your Restaurant Kitchen

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Advantages Of Using A Commercial Charbroiler In Your Restaurant Kitchen

2 December 2020
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When you're buying commercial-grade equipment to use in the kitchen of your restaurant, you'll have a number of different options. Among the equipment that allows you to cook meals, a griddle, a deep fryer, and an oven will all be items that are on your shopping list. Another piece of equipment that you'll likely want to buy is a charbroiler — an appliance that has a grate as its cooking surface and that uses actual fire to provide the heat. Commercial charbroilers are available in a number of sizes, so you'll want to evaluate the size of your kitchen to choose a model that will suit the space. Here are some advantages of using this piece of equipment.

Charred Appearance

There are many different foods that can benefit from a slightly charred appearance. This doesn't mean that they're burnt or otherwise overcooked, but rather that they have an appearance that suggests someone grilled them over a flame. Many people enjoy the look of charbroiled hamburgers and chicken breasts, for example, while vegetable skewers are also a popular choice to cook in this manner. When you use this appliance, your food will have dark grill lines, much like you get on a barbecue.

Added Flavor

Charbroiling a variety of foods does more than just change their appearance. It also has a positive impact on the flavor of what you're cooking. Steaks, pork chops, and many other popular foods can all taste better when you cook them in this manner instead of on a flat-top griddle, for example. You want your restaurant patrons to be so excited about the taste of their food that they revisit you often and leave positive reviews online, and the pleasant taste of slightly charred food can help in this regard.

Another Cooking Surface

Adding a commercial charbroiler to your kitchen is advantageous because it provides you with an additional cooking surface, thus helping to free up other appliances for use. For example, if you were to only rely on a flat-top griddle, you might quickly fill it with food — and have people waiting to get their meals because of a backlog in the kitchen. When you have a charbroiler, you can use it for steaks, burgers, chicken breasts, and other similar fare, while reserving your griddle for other foods that you're cooking.

Visit a retailer that specializes in restaurant equipment to assess a few charbroilers to find the right one for your restaurant kitchen.