Why Gas Barbecues Are Better For Families

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Why Gas Barbecues Are Better For Families

26 April 2022
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Barbecuing on charcoal certainly has its place. Pit masters who create incredible barbecue pork and brisket generally prefer to cook over charcoal. However, if you are looking for a grill for your family, you'd do well to consider a gas barbecue. As it turns out, gas barbecues have several advantages over charcoal ones, and those advantages are especially applicable to families.

1. Gas barbecues don't leave hot coals behind

After you cook on charcoal, you are left with hot coals that can take hours to cool off. To make matters worse, those coals are gray or white, which means they don't look particularly hot or dangerous. When you have kids around, you really don't want hot coals sitting there. With a gas barbecue grill, this is not an issue. While the metal will be hot for a while after you turn the grill off, it will cool down a lot faster than hot coals. This makes a gas barbecue a safer option for anyone with little ones.

2. Gas barbecues are less time-consuming to get started

Starting a charcoal grill definitely takes some effort. You have to pile in the coals, squirt on the lighter fluid, light the coals, and then wait for them to burn down before spreading them out. This is a lot to juggle if you're also watching kids. A gas barbecue grill is much easier to start. You press a button and turn a knob. Minutes later, your grill is preheated and ready for you to cook.

3. Gas barbecues don't leave a strong flavor

You might love that charcoal pit taste, but many kids do not, and your visitors might not, either. With a gas barbecue, you get a really clean flavor. If you want to add some smokiness to your dishes, you can add some liquid smoke to the marinade or sauce. 

4. Gas barbecues don't take as much maintenance

Keeping a charcoal grill clean takes a lot. You have to empty the coals every time, and you also have to store those coals and lighter fluids. A gas barbecue just needs a quick session with a wire brush, and there's nothing to store. This makes it easier to manage when you're busy with family obligations.

If you have a family and would like to do more grilling, a gas barbecue is the way to go for all of the reasons described above, and more. Check out a company like Thompson's Gas Inc for more information.