4 Reasons To Purchase Whole Bean Coffee

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4 Reasons To Purchase Whole Bean Coffee

29 October 2021
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If you love to make your own cup of coffee, you will want to ensure you have the best beans to make coffee with. When it comes to making a good cup of joe, you may want to consider using whole bean coffee. Working with whole bean coffee offers many benefits.

Top Flavor

When it comes to enjoying your coffee and getting to experience the full flavor of the beans, you will want to start with whole beans. With whole beans, they have not been ground up yet, allowing you to grind them up right before you use them, reducing the amount of air and moisture that they are exposed to, resulting in a fuller flavor experience than you get with pre-ground coffee. With pre-ground coffee bags, the coffee may have been ground up days or weeks before, exposing the grinds to air and moisture, weakening the overall flavor.

Custom Experience

When you grind up your own beans, you get to enjoy a custom coffee experience. You can choose how finely you want your beans ground and how much air you want them to be exposed to. For example, you can create a coarse grind that you can use in a French press or a percolator. It is hard to get pre-ground coffee with a coarse grind, but you can achieve that easily when using whole beans and grinding them up on your own.

Wider Selection

With pre-ground coffee, you are limited in your selection of what type of coffee beans you can enjoy. With whole bean coffee, you have a wider selection to choose from. You can enjoy single-origin coffee beans, such as Colombian coffee beans, which are high-quality Arabica beans usually processed by hand on small farms. Or you can enjoy some Nicaraguan coffee beans, which are well known for their complex flavor and high quality.

Where a coffee bean is grown can impact its flavor and taste. And with whole beans, you have access to a wide selection of beans and can choose the country and even the farm of origin where your hot cup of joe comes from, allowing for a custom flavor experience.


When you grind up your own coffee beans, you are able to inspect the beans before you make them. You can get rid of any beans that are pale or yellow and don't look that good. You will get to ensure that the grounds you use to make your drink are of the highest quality.

When it comes to making the best cup of coffee in the morning, you will want to start with whole beans, which have lots of flavors and provide you with a wide selection of high-quality beans. Keep these tips in mind when looking for coffee beans, such as Colombian whole bean coffee.