Personal, Yet Non-Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Business Clients

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Personal, Yet Non-Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Business Clients

6 March 2018
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One of the tricky things about giving gifts to business clients is that you want them to be personal, but not too personal. The gifts should not be something that are not generic, non-personalized gifts. Those gifts, such as random pens, cups, or other trinkets, are not things that makes a client feel that they were thought of in any special way. Those are great items to have on hand to give out to people as promotional gifts, but if you are already dealing with clients that you've established a relationship with, you will want to give them something more personalized. However, you want to steer clear of gifts that might have the connotation of a romantic gift. So, things such as flowers are not a great idea. Here's a good list of some non-romantic, yet personalized gifts you can give to clients to make them feel appreciated.

Fancy Chocolates For The Connoisseur

While chocolate can sometimes have a romantic connotation, it doesn't have to. And everyone loves chocolate, so it doesn't have to be a gift idea that you completely remove from consideration. In fact, there are some really cool chocolate gift ideas that you can get that won't be romantic at all and which will be really impressive, not to mention enjoyable. The coolest one you can get is one that plays on the intricacy of chocolate and presents a variety of nice flavors for your client to enjoy. The more you cater towards the complexity of the chocolate, the less romantic it will be. For instance, instead of a heart shaped box of chocolates, you could get a exotic box of chocolates that include assorted truffles with flavors such as salt and butter almond, as well as a variety of different sources of chocolate: Dominican, African, Costa Rican. This lends itself towards a gift geared towards a connoisseur of chocolate. Many of these gift boxes will contain an information card that will detail the history and background of the chocolate used.

Gifts To A Sports or Music Event

In addition  to chocolate, another cool idea would be to give something on the order of tickets to a show or some sort. For instance, you could get a group of tickets to a concert for a band that you've head your client say they enjoy. Or else you could get them a set of tickets to a pro spoting event. Even if they don't like the tickets, they can give them to their family or friends.

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