Banquet Hall Brunches: Cooking Equipment To Help Accommodate Gatherings

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Banquet Hall Brunches: Cooking Equipment To Help Accommodate Gatherings

26 September 2017
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Owning a banquet hall gives you the ability to host all types of events, parties, and gatherings. While the majority of gatherings typically take place at night, you can really expand your business and bookings by offering brunch parties. When hosting brunches, the food options for guests will be drastically different than a dinner buffet. Knowing what types of equipment and cooking gear to use for the brunch can make it a lot easier to serve guests in a timely manner. Various equipment from companies like Vollrath can help your banquet hall get fully set up for your breakfast food needs.

Conveyor Toasters

Breads are a key part of serving breakfast meals. There is traditional toast, along with other options like bagels or English muffins. Using a traditional slot toaster can really delay the cooking process. This is where a conveyor toaster comes in. The conveyor toaster allows you to insert the bread and leave it as it goes down the conveyor. Once complete, the toast will come out the bottom and make it easy to grab. Conveyor toasters can be set up in your banquet hall kitchen or your can set up a toasting table for brunches. This table can feature multiple conveyor toasters along with bread and toppings like butter, jelly, and various cream cheeses.

Juice Extractors & Slicers

A key component of serving a brunch is delivering fresh foods. Breakfast foods are often freshly served and include a variety of fruits. Preparing fruit can be a time consuming process, so you will want equipment that can help speed up the process and provide fruit as fresh as possible. For drinks, you can purchase a juice extractor that will make all types of freshly pressed juices. This includes oranges, pineapples, and apples. Aside from drinks, you will want to set up freshly sliced fruits to eat on its own or mix with things like yogurt. Professional fruit slices make it easy to get through large fruits like watermelons, cantaloupes, pineapples, and honeydew melon. Large quantities of fruit can be produced in a short amount of time using slicers. This also eliminates a lot of the manual labor and allows you to focus on other aspects of your brunch.

Flat-Top Griddle

A griddle is an essential tool for preparing brunch foods. The large flat surface is ideal for making both breakfast and lunch meals. A professional griddle includes plenty of space and multiple heating options. For breakfast foods, a flat griddle is ideal for eggs, pancakes, corned beef hash, and bacon. When doing brunch, you may want lunch options like grilled cheese, hamburgers, or other types of meats. A large griddle makes it easy to organize all of the foods while you're cooking large batches.

Breakfast Buffet Bars

A popular way to serve brunch at a banquet hall is with the use of buffet stations. Breakfast buffet bars give you the ability to serve fresh foods and make it easy for guests to get the items they enjoy. A breakfast buffet bar gives you the ability to place ice and cooling factors on part of the buffet station.

The cold stations are ideal for things like a yogurt bar or various types of cereal. With the yogurt bar, you can use a number of small sections for various toppings like granola, fruit, and various nuts.

The hot part of the buffet bar can be used for large batches of breakfast food. This includes hash browns, scrambled eggs, cooked bacon, or sausage links. All of these items are easy to grab and refill throughout the event.

Check with Vollrath equipment suppliers and other similar companies so you can purchase and install the equipment you need.