Maintenance Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Pizza Oven

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Maintenance Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Pizza Oven

19 September 2017
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If you are a pizza aficionado, you may be considering a wood-fired pizza oven. There are models available for both indoor and outdoor use, although indoor models generally require a permanent installation for safety reasons. The simplest to use run off of wood pellets, which light quickly and burn at just the right temperature. Not only do these ovens produce optimum pizza, they are also relatively easy to care for. The following guide can help you better understand what types of maintenance to expect:

Tip #1: Check the ash system

There are several different systems used to collect ash in pellet ovens. The simplest requires that you invest in a metal broom and dustpan to sweep ash out of the burner after each use. Although not too time consuming, if you want the chore to be even easier look for a unit that has a removable ash reservoir or cup. This way you can simply pull it out of the pizza oven and empty it. Just make sure the ashes are always completely cool, no matter where you dump them since you don't want to star ta fire.

Tip #2: Know the material needs

The material of the cooking service determines the type of cleaning. If you have a stone or clay surface, you may not need to do much more than spraying it down with water after every use, since it rarely needs scrubbed. A metal surface can begin to transfer a burned flavor to your pizza, though. In this case, you will need to spritz with water and scrub the metal surface with a grill brush to remove any food residue after each use.

Tip #3: Plan for deep cleans

Your pizza oven will require a periodic deep clean, otherwise, grease builds up. A clay style oven is the simplest to clean – usually, these are simply heated up as hot as possible and everything is burned off. Metal ovens may be better served by cleaning when they are cold – use a grill cleaner to scrub out the inside as well as the to wash down the exterior. You may also need a wet-dry vacuum to clean ashes out of all the nooks and crannies periodically, regardless of the type of oven you choose. The frequency of deep cleaning generally depends on usage -- light usage requires annual cleaning, while heavy usage may require monthly cleaning.

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