3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Caterer For Your Wedding

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3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Caterer For Your Wedding

17 September 2017
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While planning your upcoming wedding, you may decide that you would like to have a caterer take care of preparing and serving the food at the reception. However, you may worry about choosing the right caterer for your big day. If so, ask the following questions before you choose a caterer for your wedding.

How Many Weddings Have They Catered?

The first questions you should ask the caterer is about the number of weddings they have catered in the past. Even if they have catered many other types of events, you want to find out about their experience with weddings.

At a wedding and the reception, many smaller events take place that must be coordinated, even around the food. Not only will you be eating and feeding your guests, but you will also be cutting the cake and may have rounds of toasts made by the wedding party. The food will need to stay fresh and warm around these events.

Can They Give You Contact Information of Former Clients?

Another thing you may want to ask for from the caterer is the contact information of former clients, especially those who used the service for their weddings. While the catering service can show you pictures of past events, speaking with the actual clients to find out about their personal experiences can give you more information.

If you are able to speak with former clients, ask about the presentation of the food, as well as the taste. If you find that their past customers were thrilled with the quality of the food, you may have found the wedding caterer for you.

How Far in Advance Should You Book Them?

If you decide that the catering service is the one you want to use, the next thing you should ask is about the booking time. How far in advance should you book your wedding date with them? 

The service's booking time can depend on a couple of factors. First, they may have a large clientele, so you need to book the service up to a year in advance. Second, your menu choices may also be a factor, especially if you want exotic foods served at your wedding. The caterer can give you more guidance when you discuss you desire to use their services.

Asking the above questions can help you as you decide on which caterer to use for your wedding. Once you have made a decision on which wedding catering service you wish to use, you can then discuss with the types of foods you want to serve, as well as iron out all of the details to make your wedding day as perfect as possible.